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Carlson Marketing Group (now AIMIA)

Project: Facilitation of various strategy workshops and training events

Objectives: Objectively facilitate idea generation events and strategy days for both agency and clients. Design and deliver bespoke training programmes to support marketing campaigns aimed at client managers, staff and customers.

Outcomes: Numerous idea generation workshops for clients. Training programmes included communication and motivational skills training for advisors, administrators and health care practitioners across a range of NHS public health departments including Stop Smoking Service, Change for Life, Weight Management and Cancer awareness both on a national and local basis .

‘Francine has provided training consultancy and facilitation for a number of different marketing projects operated by Carlson Marketing. She is excellent at creating an environment for learning and retaining information, and her training skills have been fundamental in equipping field teams with the knowledge and empathy required for building effective engagement with members of the public.’

Carlson Marketing – Annlouise Cawley

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Project: Senior Team Strategy Days and Creative Workshops Faciliation

Objectives: Facilitation of strategy development days for senior team to produce strategic plans and deliverables

Outcomes: Production of strategic plan plus team bonding activity. Positive feedback from client and senior team; and creative workshop for 21st Century telecoms idea generation

‘We have achieved so much more than we expected in terms of output and actions to take forward. We shall be keeping your details safe for future facilitation.’

Wendy Moir, Head of 21CN Industry Migration Communications, BT Wholesale

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Dorothy Perkins

Project: Marketing strategy idea generation event for the in house Marketing and PR teams, agencies and consultants

Objectives: Generate innovative and unique ideas for the development of marketing strategy for future promotion of the brand. Create an action plan to implement the ideas.

Outcomes: Interactive and high productive session resulting in ideas and way forward plan that fulfilled the objectives.

‘Thanks for your time facilitating the DP event. I thought the day brought up lots of great ideas and I hope you found it as insightful and useful as we did. Thank you for being so professional and calm throughout the day, keeping the pace of the group going. I will obviously be in touch for future brainstorms.’

Louise Taylor, Dorothy Perkins

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City College, Plymouth

Project: Internal Staff Development Programme

Objective: To deliver personal development workshop at staff training events. To design and deliver leadership coaching and team building events for department staff to encourage collaborative working and increased productivity.

Outcome: Delivered bespoke workshops which achieved stated objectives with consistently positive attendee feedback and assessment.

_“Clare and Francine have delivered workshops as part of our staff training days over several years. The workshops are very interactive and supported with useful and informative documentation and follow-up. They have also worked directly with key Managers and teams on projects ranging from one to one coaching to team building events. The feedback from staff continues to be excellent.’ _

Diane Allen, Professional Development Manager

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Plymouth City Council

Project: Supervision Skills training for Managers

Objectives: Enable managers to better and more confidently use one to one discussions with their people and to understand the practical benefits of deploying supervision and similar one to one discussions in managing and developing team members

Outcomes: All managers embraced activities and formed actions to embed learning in the workplace. Feedback was very positive from managers and clients.

‘Engage worked with Services for Children and Young people in the Plymouth region to deliver a Supervision Development Programme aimed at increasing the skills and confidence of managers across all departments with very positive outcomes for all.’

Julie Reed Business Manager, Life Long Learning

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Project: Facilitation of innovation forum for key European telecom technology experts

Objectives: Lead facilitation of whole event including co-ordination of support facilitators and speakers. Pre-activity planning and support for subject experts. Co-ordination of ideas and outputs.

Outcomes: Tight control and management of large event with over 80 high value subject matter experts. Kept pace, engagement and interaction throughout by allowing experts to focus on being experts and facilitators to focus on running the event.

‘Thanks to all of you for your energy and smart facilitation!’


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City College Plymouth

Project: Management Tool Kit Workshops

Objective: Design and facilitation of a range of workshops in Management Tool Kit for external businesses including Management Essentials, Change Management, Effective Communications, Conflict Management and Minute Taking.

Outcome: Constant high performance scores and positive feedback from attendees for every workshop delivered as part of Management Tool Kit Programme.

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Cutting Company

Project: Leadership and Management Coaching

Objective: Provide business coaching and personal development support to business owners

Outcomes: Continuous development programme, growth strategy, people and talent management, personal development and mind set change of business owners.

‘Our confidence has increased so much we now view ourselves as business women and business owners. We could not have done this without Engage. The business is growing, the team are all on board and motivated. Although we still have some challenges with some members of the team we are confident that we are now able to resolve these and other issues going forward. We appreciate your continued support.’

Belinda Bowen and Jayne Bacon, Cutting Company Directors and Owners

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Oxford Innovation

Project: Facilitation of various strategy days and team events

Objective: Engage and connect the whole team to build strong interpersonal relationships. Combine and maximise the efforts of the team to produce creative, innovative and strategic outputs in line with team and business objectives

Outcome: Productive idea generation sessions, team building events, collaborative working and focussed efforts resulting in high value outputs

_‘Francine is an outstanding facilitator. She balances process with context and progress with humour. I have no hesitation in recommending her and suggest she would add value to any progressive organisation.’ _

Andrew Farmer, Director of Coaching and Performance at Oxford Innovation

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Plymouth University

Project: On Your Marks, Get Set, Go – Graduate Employability and Workplace Resilience Programme

Objective: Develop and deliver a workplace resilience programme for students that complements and enhances the university careers advisory services


For Students – Understanding of unique identity and personal value to the market.
Development of resilience skills to more effectively manage the challenges of the workplace. Increased confidence and self-belief.

For University – Enhancement to existing careers programme. Added value to students and student sponsors. Unique and branded employability skills programme

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Project: NHS Health Awareness programmes

Objective: Engage design and deliver training programmes for NHS staff including GP’s, health advisors and administrators to support NHS health awareness marketing campaigns developed by EMO e.g. Stop Smoking Campaigns, Referral Management, Weight Management

Outcome: Tailored programmes aligned to objectives and desired outcomes of each campaign delivered across all NHS regions in England. Received consistently positive feedback regarding the content and facilitation of workshops from attendees and commissioners.

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Project: National Centre for Smoking Cessation Training

Objective: To support and facilitate behavioural change training for Smoking Cessation Advisors

Outcomes: Delivery of engaging, interactive training workshops as part of the accredited NCSCT programme throughout UK and Ireland.

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Project: Staff and Partner Personal Development Training

Objectives: Support team and individual development, enhancing skills to include team work, customer service, goal setting and appraisal skills.

Outcomes: Delivery of bespoke training workshops with high attendance and positive feedback from all attendees and client.

_‘Engage took time to get to know and understand our business; they listened to our needs and were very responsive. The development activity they led was well prepared, effective and also fun.’ _
Helen Davies, Senior Partner, Head of Property Team, PLD

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CAB Special Batteries Ltd

Project: Leadership Team Training

Objectives: Enhance leadership teams working relationship to increase productivity and achieve growth targets

Outcomes: Engaging and interactive leadership programme with positive feedback from whole team.

_‘We found the programme delivered by Engage both informative and enlightening. We are enjoying brisk trading and obviously this means that we are all busy with our respective roles within the company. We are implementing the techniques and providing the support necessary. All in all we have started to work together as a team.’ _

Tim Robins, Director, CAB Special Batteries Ltd

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Growth Accelerator – Business Growth Service

Project: Business Coaching for Growth

Objectives: Provide coaching to business leaders to support their growth objectives

Outcomes: Engage are registered providers of Business Coaching for Growth Accelerator and has been working with businesses across the region since inception of the service.

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Unlocking Cornish Potential

Project: Graduate New Start Up Business Programme – Communication Styles Workshop

Objectives: Engage graduates in interactive workshop to understand their behavioural styles and how these impact communication and performance.

Outcomes: Highly interactive and engaging workshop with positive feedback from all graduates, faciliators and UCP clients.

‘Engage designed and delivered a productive and interactive workshop on understanding communication styles for the Graduate New Start Up Business Programme using the innovative and engaging TetraMap behavioural profiling tool.’


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The Big Kick

Project: Idea Generation Workshops for various clients

Objectives: Design and faciliation of bespoke idea generation process to produce innovative and unique creative ideas in line with client programme objectives

Outcomes: Idea generation to action plan for way forward for various clients. High satisfaction levels from all clients and very positive feedback about outputs and ideation process.

‘Francine has the ability to quickly understand the people she is working with, engage with them and deliver the best results. Her attention to detail in preparatory planning is excellent and her knowledge of her subject is matchless. I have contracted Francine to facilitate and coach brainstorm sessions and techniques to produce some truly great creative thinking in a way that engages everyone in the process. And she makes it enjoyable and fun too.’

Barbara Holgate, Managing Partner, The Big Kick

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Claro Learning

Project: Team Development Training

Objectives: Design and deliver a series of recruitment and interviewing skills training workshops

Outcomes: Enhancement of existing and embedding new skills to increase effectiveness of recruitment strategy and interviewing techniques.

‘Engage designed and delivered an effective series of bespoke interviewing courses aimed at increasing the confidence of the team and building skills to ensure a successful recruitment process, with very positive outcomes. Thank you.’

Claro Learning

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Project: Making Every Call Count DVD

Objectives: COI commissioned Engage to write the content for a DVD based learning tool based on the telephone communications training delivered by Engage to NHS advisors and practitioners

Outcomes: DVD produced and launched with very positive feedback. It now forms part of on-going behavioural change training for Stop Smoking Services in UK and Ireland.

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Peppers & Rogers Group

Project: Facilitation of various strategy and idea generation workshops

Objectives: Objectively facilitate idea generation events and strategy days for P&R group clients

Outcomes: Facilitated numerous productive and positively received workshops for a range of clients

‘Francine has facilitated a number of client workshops for us. The clients are always delighted from start to finish – the workshops manage to combine robust structure with fun and creativity. Great energy leads to productive results.”

Robert Wadman, Stratergy Direct PRG One to One (now AIMIA)