About us

Total engagement in the workplace

Engage was founded in 2006 and is based in Plymouth, UK. We provide a unique combination of services that aim to increase levels of engagement in the workplace.

Our foundation

We bring together expertise in office design, refurbishment and fit out, as well as a wealth of experience in leadership, change management, employee engagement. Through strong relationships with our key partners and suppliers, we are able to deliver commercially focused health and well-being solutions, leading to a more engaged and motivated workplace.

Building on a platform of respect for the individual, the company, the customer and the working environment, we enable businesses to reach their true potential and employees to realise their value at work. We achieve this by focusing attention, challenging thinking and enabling actions based on our unique concept of Total Engagement.

Engage Workplace and Engage to Move Ahead can help you to grow and develop your business by providing a range of services that deliver Total Engagement solutions.

Total engagement

The level of engagement in any organisation directly influences business results, driving performance, creativity and innovation. There is also a direct link between employee engagement and customer loyalty.

Developing skills and capabilities is essential however, we believe this is only part of the story. To achieve sustainable high performance, Total Engagement thinking must be applied where in the workplace environment mirrors the message of engagement. This helps to reinforce the four key drivers of engagement – strong leadership, open communication, opportunities to learn and grow, and evidenced values.

Taking a Total Engagement approach to people development and the working environment, leads to more productive and successful outcomes. These areas are inextricably linked; development in one area has a direct impact on the other. An increase in turnover will often lead to a greater demand for resource and training and consequently, a change in workplace capacity. Strategic development may not always result in dramatic changes across both areas however, it is important to consider the potential impact and subsequent needs arising, to ensure that any changes are embraced to maintain levels of engagement and to achieve sustainable success.