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The Importance of Considered Furniture in Office Design

The furniture of any room reflects the purpose of the room and special items are often considered to be the centre-piece. They are the objects that enable comfort for human activity – sitting, working, resting, sleeping, eating etc. It’s a well-known fact that good furniture supports a sense of wellbeing and good health.

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Why ‘agile’ & ‘mobile’ are key for post-COVID workplace design

When it comes to the world of work, humans thrive on interaction and the space to develop social and emotional intelligence face-to-face rather than from behind a digital device. Working from home during the coronavirus pandemic has affected many changes but none more so than the need for the future workplace to be focused on people-centred design that puts collaboration, interaction and flexibility at the heart of it.

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The Benefits of using an Office Design Company

Great office design can transform your business and the relationships within it. We help employers to create a different kind of space; somewhere that inspires and changes the way everyone works. We give your office a sense of community that inspires teams to work together; where ideas flourish, and collaboration is second nature.

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Should you be returning to a greener office?

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected almost every aspect of human life. While the impact is consequences are mainly regarded as negative, the impact on the natural environment has been the exception.

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Winners Announced in Workplace21 Competition

Children played a massive role in the everyday work life of 2020 for many people whether it was their own children, or someone else’s in the background of a zoom call! It was with that in mind that we celebrated their involvement by asking them to help us design the office of the future in a special competition launched last year.

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Eight Lessons Employers Should Learn from the Pandemic

One thing that Covid-19 has taught us is that the differences between our personal space and our working space, our digital and lived worlds and our work and play, have become more fluid. But how will organisations capitalise on the opportunities that this presents for a better normal?

Here are eight lessons that we believe businesses should be taking from the pandemic

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