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Top Ergonomic Tips for Working from Home

While England will no longer be in lockdown from 2 December, the Prime Minister is urging people to continue working from home if they can do so, as England will return to a three-tier system that will last until the end of March.

But what’s the price that employees are paying – and how can Engage Workplace help to make things better?

Engage Workplace Launch Workplace21

How was working from home for you? Did you have to bribe the children to stay in other rooms doing their ‘home schooling’ whilst you conducted your Zoom calls? Did the Wi-Fi slow to almost zero because of the number of people draining the system?

Why CEOs need to focus on Workplace21

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, it was thought that expensively situated offices were critical to the reputation and success of businesses, to productivity, company culture and the attraction of talent. Now there is talk that these offices are obsolete.