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Staff working from home? It's your duty to keep them healthy and safe.

It is every employers’ duty to ensure, so far as is reasonable, the health, safety and welfare at work of all employees whether they are in the workplace or at home.

In fact, you have the same health, safety and wellbeing responsibilities for home workers as you do for anyone else working for the company.

When employees are working from home temporarily the Health and Safety Executive say you should consider:

  • How will you keep in touch?
  • What work activity will they be doing?
  • Can it be done safely?
  • Do you need to put control measures in place to protect them?
  • Do they have a secure premises and a lockable cupboard if they are working with other people’s data?
  • Have they got access to a working telephone line / mobile and broadband?
  • Do they have a computer with internet and email access, the correct office software and access to a printer?
  • Is there adequate insurance in place?

But one thing you may not have considered is their compliance with health and safety regulations when it comes to suitable furniture, positioning and height of the desk and its location. Are they on the sofa with their laptop or hunched over a kitchen table?

For workers who use VDUs the HSE provide a workstation checklist which can be done at home by the worker themselves and is worth sending out to your own employees.

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