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Winners Announced in Workplace21 Competition

Children played a massive role in the everyday work life of 2020 for many people whether it was their own children, or someone else’s in the background of a zoom call! It was with that in mind that we celebrated their involvement by asking them to help us design the office of the future in a special competition launched last year.

Never has anything had a greater impact on how our places of work will now be considered and designed, than COVID-19. Never has the need been greater than now for businesses to create welcoming environments that drive collaboration and engagement, innovation and productivity and to move away from the traditional office and toward spaces that mirror how we really want to work and live.

In our competition children, aged between 5 and 11 years old, let their imagination run wild with ideas of where they wanted to work! We had everything from slides to washing lines, treehouses and swimming pools, dog zones and spinning chairs! It was tricky to pick a winner, but we did!

We are delighted to say that Florence Nottage won the competition with her design. In it she included a ‘super mega fast waterslide’, some fish tanks suspended from the ceiling, a giant HD 2020 TV, and ice cream parlour, self-playing guitars and Ralph, a ‘cute and adorable dog’.

It was quite a fun task for Rachel our designer to come up with the 2D design and then the 3D fly through! Here they are.

Watch Florence reacting to winning the award below

Our runners up were Oisin, Ciaran and Olivia all with fantastic designs that included a music room, a gym, a disco floor, hot tub, slides and a koala cage!

Olivia’s Entry

Oisin’s Entry

Ciaran’s Entry

Here are Rachel’s 3D rendered designs of their submissions. Which of these offices appeals most to you?

Congratulations to all of the children that entered the competition – we wish you could all have been winners. Plus – if you’re ever looking for a job as an office designer, don’t forget to look us up!